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History of the ICC

In the fall of 1982 a community group met to discuss the possibility of establishing a before and after-school center in Irvington.  This discussion led to a February 1983 survey of childcare needs in Irvington.  The survey was made with financial assistance from the Junior League of Westchester.  Both working and non-working parents indicated a child-care need for school-age children before and after school.  


Space was rented at the Irvington Middle School during the 1983-84 and 1984-85 school years.


With an ever-increasing enrollment, the Center looked for a larger space to meet the communitie's needs.  The larger space was found at the St. Barnabas Church.  The Center moved during the summer of 1985.  Nearly three times the number of children attend today. 


For the first 19 years the Center was directed by an incredible school-age pioneer, Nancy Rote.  It is her legacy which reflects what the Children's Center is today; warm, friendly enviroment, a great alternative to going home.


The Center is a private, non-profit corperation organized under the laws of New York State and has a tax-exempt status.  It is registered school-age facility and therfore meets all: Fire, saftey, and health requirements of the New York State Department of Social Services.  The Center operates independently of the Irvington School DIstrict and is funded by parents fees, fund-raising activities, and private donations. 

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