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Contract Fees

Tuition Fees:  Parents of a child enrolled in the Center will be charged fees for the use of the Center for both occasional use and/or contractual, attendance; rates are as follows:

  • Occasional Use per diem rate is $15.00 per hour per child

  • Contractual 





# OF DAYS                       AFTER              AFTER                 AFTER

                                         SCHOOL           SCHOOL            SCHOOL

                                        TO 4:00PM         TO 5:00PM         TO 6:00PM

1 DAY                               $75                    $110                   $140


2 DAYS                            $140                   $210                  $290


3 DAYS                            $210                   $310                  $415


4 DAYS                            $270                   $380                  $505


5 DAYS                            $330                   $470                  $625


  1. Tuition is computed on the basis of a 180-day school year and is divided into 10 monthly installments

  2. Sibling Discount may total 5% per child

  3. Payment of 1st monthly fee: the 1st installment (for the month of September) will be due on the 15th of June

  4. Payment of 9 regular monthly fees: 9 installments will be due on the 1st of each month, September through May; this policy will be stringently enforced as the center is fee-supported

  5. Delinquent Payments: If a parent is delinquent in the payment of fees, child(ren) will not be allowed to attend the Center until such time as payment is made in full

  6. Returned Checks:  If a check tendered by a parent in payment of fees is returned by the bank, the parent is responsible for all bank fees and must immediatley make full payment of center fees and any applicable bank fees or charges

  7. Late Charge:  If payment is not made by the 15th of the month, a $15 late charge will reflect on next invoice.  

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